Data, smart technologies and decades of experience in managing the resources of buildings and businesses.

Our services and products bridge the gap between the strategic demands of managing a business/ real estate assets and the sustainable management of energy, water and waste. We view sustainability as a growth opportunity which requires strategy, implementation and balanced attention to profit and risk.

We work across the demand sectors of energy, water and waste to assess how business and real estate are operated to identify both operational and investment led opportunities for high performance buildings and business.

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We couple this with strategic advice regarding energy/ water supply and waste output, utilising our expertise in the areas of project and procurement management, to negotiate alternative procurement routes and new contract conditions through a process that leverages demand reduction into new and more favourable contract conditions.

We offer assessments of real estate and infrastructure assets to owners and operators, at both portfolio and single asset levels. Our analysis considers all aspects of asset operations, including engineering (mechanical, electrical, plumbing), architectural/ building envelope, and landscape with the objective of reducing consumption, the cost of energy, water and waste and encouraging recycling and improved operations. Operational improvements and efficiency gains are our core focus, supported by recommended initiatives that would require capital investment. We can also advice clients on funding solutions for initiatives requiring capital.

Knowing that each respective client`s conditions and their assets are different, GreenPlace Assets offers flexible contract terms that can take the form of being either fee based or success based, or a combination of both.